Jérémie Perales

Cofounder and co-manager

He is mainly responsible for the development of the business model and communication. It is put in a leading position in collaborations with other stakeholders.

We don’t want to become an entrepreneur, that’s the context that pushes us to become one


Biographical extract :

Curious and active, Jérémie connects sports experiences very early on (rugby, volleyball, tennis, kung fu, karate, MMA, Aikido with Senseï grade…), associations (creations of the associative system of the Ecole Centrale Casablanca : BDE , BDA, BDS, Forum, Junior Enterprise, humanitarian, union of associations) and professional (BTP, recruitment agency, consulting firm, catering up to management, audiovisual creative agency up to management of the Moroccan subsidiary… ). Academically, he distinguishes himself by his increases in projects and Leadership. Today he works full time on Daba Go, discovers the world and invests in his network (business provider).