Enjoy targeted visibility with the largest user pool possible on the Daba’Go app!

Lack of visibility

- Little presence with new users
- Little platform allowing a presence
- Difficult to have targeted visibility

Growing competition

- Multiplicity of associated actors
- Multitude of services
- Actor of various origins in very different operations

Difficulty standing out

- Many non-transparent offers on the market
- Few offer comparators
- No platform bringing together stakeholders

Our Daba Go team offers you its expertise to give you visibility with your future customers by putting you ahead of your competitors.

Qualified visibility

- A platform specializing in transport
- The largest pool of users
- Visibility when demand is the stronger

A space adapted to your service

- Equality of visibility
- Visibility among interested parties
- An exhaustiveness of the actors

A demarcation of the other actors

- Transparency on all existing offers
- A fair comparison of offers
- The end user chosen in relation to the performance of the actors

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The Daba GO app is available on any Android or IOS device regardless of its version and on the website. Continuous monitoring is carried out to manage bugs and improve the application.

This application is therefore intended to be a suitable solution for developing cities since:

It is carried out by potential users and based on the demands of local transport users.

It considers the specificities of transport organization that are found almost exclusively in large cities in developing countries.

It also personalises itself to the user by being able to incorporate private public transport such as those of the school or the company belonging to the user.

In total, we have at least three technical elements that can be valued independently (data integration tool, large taxi database and route calculation algorithm). Easy and fast Transport.