Jungle Bus

Jungle Bus creates better mobility data. For passenger information and to improve transport networks.

The objective is to exploit better transport data to create the innovative services of tomorrow Jungle bus collects and enriches data in collaboration with the Open Street Map community with an Open Source and Open Data approach

- The project is to set up the Daba’Go application in Abidjan based on the data collected by Jungle Bus.

Abidjan is the economic capital of Ivory Coast with a multitude of ways of transport (Gbaka, Wôrô-wôrô, water bus, orange taxi (meter), bus, baggage taxi, bush taxi ...)

The objective is therefore to allow more than 5 million inhabitants and visitors to the city to be able to locate and move efficiently, cheaply and limiting the ecological impact via these transportations.

The project was done in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport of the Ivory Coast, the French Development Agency, Systra and the association “OpenStreetMap Côte d’Ivoire” In the end, almost 700 lines were mapped, almost 90% of the transport networks
The official launch is scheduled for September 2020.

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Daba’Go’s innovative aspect, according to the OECD’s OSLO manual, is about product innovation. Indeed the application is a new good for the city and offers a new and improved service in relation to its characteristics and the uses for which it is intended.

The solution responds to the real problems and needs expressed above in the context reminder. If we also refer to the innovation classification table by Rebecca Henderson and Kim Clark, Daba’Go meets the criteria of modular innovation since it does not profoundly change the habits of transport users but makes important modifications on the tools they already know (Google Maps) to give another more adapted to the need.(Lopez, 2014).