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Daba’Go is the new essential transport platform in developing cities. Daba’Go make transport information clear and precise to all Africans without onstraints and stress daily, as well as to participate in the optimization and development of the continent's public transport networks by collaborating with local transport providers.

Dabago Transport

DabaGo revolutionizes the experience of mobility in urban cities. Its development is the first milestone of the Smart City.

Indeed, DabaGo aspires to become the essential tool to address the transport issues of large cities in development.

Then, especially on economic issues, by allowing an optimization of investments and access to all to transport, ecological by relieving congestion in cities. This allows the reduction of the individual impact, making each actor of the practical locomotion of tomorrow.

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First of all, DabaGo does not aim to address all the transport problems in the big cities of Africa because some are beyond the understanding of a simple entrepreneurial will. DabaGo worked on two principles:

· Solution for the human: that it is available in 24/7, that it is accessible and adaptable to all regardless of social origin or income level, that it is intuitive and easy to use, that it be comprehensive on multimodal coverage and that it respond to problems that directly affect them (saturation, budget, health, etc.).

· Solution for transport operators: a tailor-made solution for the city that takes into account its specificities and the multiplicity of its types of transport (tram, bus, train, taxi, car sharing, VTC, bicycle, carpooling, etc.), which takes into account the rapid evolution of the city and therefore evolves with it. Finally, we want our solution to be consistent with the country’s policies and notions of sustainable development.

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