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DabaGo and the context of urban mobility in Africa

Tout d’abord, For years, large African cities have been experiencing strong growth and exponential development, putting urban mobility under pressure. Puis, In this ever-changing ecosystem, DabaGo is positioning itself as an essential tool to address the transport issues of African cities.

De plus, Public transit, which is environmentally friendly, economical and practical, is obviously part of the solution. Alors, The availability of a rich and constantly evolving network leads to a rapid development that induces structural problems for the associated ecosystem and can harm the understanding and experience of users.

Donc, Between the irregular passage times and the lack of information due to the independence of the actors, it is difficult if not impossible to obtain the ideal route starting from its cost at its departure station. Cependant, These difficulties lead the population to use their individual vehicles.

DabaGo application

Cependant, The DabaGo app, 100% free, is adapted to the reality and complexity of each city. En effet, This allows the orchestration of the different types of transport and to find the optimal route for each user while respecting the constraints of time, budget or preference of transport of the user.

Alors, DabaGo is implementing a new model of predictive algorithms that can use Deep data, Incremental Learning, remote monitoring and an IOT network to evolve live and continuously.

What are the stakes ?

Alors, DabaGo responds to economic challenges by enabling investment optimisation and access for all to transport, but also to ecological challenges by relieving congestion in cities and reducing individual impact.

Enfin, The application allows an optimization of the journeys, making everyone, actor of the mobility of tomorrow. Donc, DabaGo is thus revolutionizing urban mobility by implementing itself in Smart Africa and ODDs. It stands out as a milestone in the smart city.

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