Daba’Go, the solution to improve mobility in African cities


Improving the mobility experience in developing cities is not always easy! The start- up Daba Go therefore offers an application (web, android and IOS) for calculating directions in public transport 100% free and available 24/7 for any city dweller..

The initial concept

  Daba’Go offers an application that calculates the optimal route for a given route in major African cities and offers the user a selection of options considering the different means of transport available (train, taxi, tram, walking, bus, boda …). Trips are calculated and classified according to the user’s preference criteria: Cost, duration, maximum number of connections.

Application cost

For city dwellers, we provide the information free of Daba’Go is exhaustive on the available transport. Small taxi, carpooling, carsharing, VTC… are also present via


Daba’Go is useful for anyone using or wanting to learn about transport in emerging countries (city dwellers, tourists, etc.).

The first version is planned for Casablanca. It is thought above all for the city dweller, the one who wants to move optimally and / or intelligently, the one who wants to reduce his time in transport and / or his environmental impact, the one who wants to control his expenses and his planning.

Daba’Go is available for everyone, but especially for you!

The differentiation

 Daba’Go offers a brand-new algorithmic model for route calculation which can combine traditional transport (tram, bus, train, etc.) and transport specific to large African cities (large
taxi, small bus, boda, etc.) using Artificial 
Intelligence / Machine Learning…

  It is a user-oriented product above all. 

Proposed by and for locals who do not hesitate to go to the field to understand the needs of the population and the actors.

The potential market

  In the pilot city (Grand Casablanca), the pool of users has been already substantial.

  Casablanca residents × percentage of Moroccan city dwellers equipped with smartphones × percentage of these downloading apps × percentage of non- motorized Casablanca residents × share of 15- 55-year-old = 7,408,213 × 82% × 70% × 89% × 57%

  ~ 2.15 million potential users (2,149,928)

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Author :
Hajar Dari



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